Super Star Mahesh Babu opens Chakrasiddh, a centre for incurable

Super Star Mahesh Babu opens Chakrasiddh, a centre for incurable

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Siddha Vaidyam is a miraculous treatment, authentic, ancient and traditional and I am pleased to promote it: Mahesh Babu

We have a responsibility to promote Siddha Vaidyam: Namrata

Hyderabad, Telangana: Super Star Mahesh Babu, accompanied by his wife Ms Namrata today inaugurated Chakrasidh, a centre for incurable diseases at Mokila near Shankarpally in the city outskirts.

K.I. Varaprasad Reddy, Chairman of Shanta Biotechnics and Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry, Lyric Writer from Tollywood, Thamma Reddy Bharadwaj, Tollywood Director, Anchor Suma and actor Rajiv Kanakala also graced the inaugural function.

It is a place for those who are committed to end their suffering and lead a pain-free life informed Dr. Sathya Sindhuja.  Backed by Yogic Science, Siddha Healing, which is said to be 4000 years old, ignites a stable balance in the physical, spiritual and psychological elements of human existence.

Speaking on the occasion Mahesh Babu said he was pleased to inaugurate a centre that offers a rare treatment method. This is not just a method that cures disease but it helps us in changing our entire lifestyle.

Dr. Sathya Sindhuja is an expert in Chakra Siddha Naadi Vaidya which is different. If I am not wrong she is the only person who is an expert in this kind of treatment in the entire world. What I think is this is not a mere treatment that is used to cure Migraine, Vertigo or some muscularskeletal disorders. Any disorder can be cured through this. What I feel is, if we follow the methods as per Dr.Sindhuja’s instructions, we can see miracles and we can even set right our lifestyle. I am very happy to promote this Authentic, Ancient and traditional treatment.

Imagine a life without pain and constant discomfort.  Chakrasiddh is a place for those who  longs to lead a painfree life, announced Dr. Bhuvanagiri Sathya Sindhuja, a well-known name in Siddha Vaidyam and the lady behind it. She is the 36th generation to practice this in the family.

The human body has 72,000 energy channels.  Screening the flow of energy via pressure points is done to cure chronic pain and diseases

If the same kind of a treatment, Mahesh Babu said  is offered in any other country, they would have given it much importance and they would have protected it like some kind of a precious thing. They would have awarded this treatment with a Nobel award. So, I feel it is our responsibility to recognize this as a miraculous treatment, respect it, follow it and also promote it.

Adds, Namratha that it is a different traditional, ancient and authentic Indian treatment. Dr. Sathya Sindhuja ma’am is like a mother. Everyone is like a child to her and she treats them like a mother. There are no partialities in her treatment. This kind of nature is what made me get attracted to her and she is amazing. Moreover, we have a responsibility to promote this treatment and take it to as many people as possible. The responsibility is not just ours but it is everyone’s responsibility. This is a treasure that belongs only to our country and it has to be celebrated and utilized properly.

Mahesh Babu  suffered with Migraine problem for some time and got lot of relief.  And he wants the world to know about his miraculous way of addressing the pain.  That is why he has volunteered to come, inaugurate and promote this ancient way of addressing the pain.  Anchor Suma who suffered with “Spondylitis” problem and is now relived.  We have become family friends now said Suma.  Accompanying her husband Rajeeva Kanakala, she graced the inaugural function.

Siddha, as we all know is a holistic Indian ancient system that addresses and treats the root cause of a problem. It is a way of life. We work on Musculoskeletal disorder like backpain, spondylitis, knee pain, vertigo etc.  This unique way of treatment has successfully gone down 35 generations before and it is transformed to me, she said.  Dr. Bhuvanagiri Sathya Sindhuja has been practicing the Siddha treatment for over 25 years.

Our body has inherent healing capabilities which can be restored without medication. It is restoring the body’s healing capabilities the ancient way.

How our treatment process goes is we first prepare the body for deep healing by opening the marma points then the process of Siddha Vaidyam activates the Marma points by applying pressure with bare hands for musculoskeletal alignment.

She treated and cured more than 70,000 patients suffering from chronic disorders without medicines and surgery. She has also provided treatment to those who can’t afford it for free. According to her Siddha is a traditional method of healing that is more affordable vis-a-vis with other ways.

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