Solution to all the common man’s problems; Sarkari Helpline, ‘A One stop gateway’’ for Public Services

Solution to all the common man’s problems; Sarkari Helpline, ‘A One stop gateway’’ for Public Services

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New Delhi [India]: The panic-driven messages amid the second wave of Covid-19 on social media platforms and frantic calls to friends and relatives for support and emergency contacts for exigencies ranging from oxygen support to ICU beds have made us understand the need for having important healthcare contacts within our reach at all times.

This is where B2C startups such as Delhi-based ‘Sarkari helpline’ come up to bridge the gap. It has emerged to be a key player in providing all the essential contacts of any government official or department, making them easily accessible from any corner of the country.

It was in 2020, the company was established by a young entrepreneur named Vaibhav Mishra with a vision to mitigate the exigencies of those scrabbling around for important contacts or details of any government official or department.

Vaibhav conceived of this idea with a goal to institute a user-friendly e-directory platform that fulfills the citizen-centric aspirations of being an authentic, reliable, accessible, content-rich window information dissemination system. In a very short span of time it has bridged the gap between the government and the public.

The one-stop source is a gateway to the contacts of the offices of the President, Vice President and the Prime Minister. Besides, the platform also has access to the contacts of Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State (Independent Charges), ministerial departments,  Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs, educational institutions, as well as helpline numbers of various states.

Vaibhav is a strong media and communication professional with experience in working at various PR and communication industries. He had completed his bachelor in journalism and arts from Makhanlal Chaturvedi University.

In the wake of the pandemic, Sarkari helpline has been instrumental in providing key health updates on its website. It has also proved to be an effective tool for those who have been keeping records of the pandemic situation. Those seeking for the registration of their vaccine doses (age wise), availability of centres, experts view on the virus transmission, have to access the platform for all the essential information.

The B2C company has a special “Covid Care ” section on its portal where one can share his or her doctor’s article, stories, videos, and experience related to Covid-19. It’s a bilingual section with both Hindi and English.

Speaking on his journey, the 27-year-old  entrepreneur said, “I had started my job in the year 2014 and the very next year, I joined as a Personal Assistant (to an Honourable Member of Parliament.  While working as the PA, I had to meet various ministry officials, government employees, police, MCD and other dignitaries.”

“Most of the time, I have seen that people approached us with their problems but due to unavailability of contacts, we had to search the internet.”

It was only in 2020, that the idea clicked in Vaibhav’s mind to design a platform that will be a gateway to all the essential contacts of the government officials as well as various departments.

“Finally, I launched my startup that has gained an overwhelming response across the country so far,” Vaibhav said.

He added that many-a-times people have faced difficulty in procuring information from the internet due to various issues. So, as to solve the crisis, he has also provided them with a helpline number on his platform.

The Sarkarihelpline founder further said, “I had seen a lot of Covid-infected families asking for information on social media platforms — Facebook and Twitter, which was without any assurance whether they would get the berth or not. But, now through my portal, I have been helping those desperate amid such tough times.”

The startup also provides information about various updated central and state welfare schemes. In a short span of time, it has emerged to be an asset to the common people of the country and further accelerating its reach for better cause.

The platform seems to be on a long haul journey as it caters to the much needed demand of the public to get connected to the administrators for the required amenities.

Anyone can contact for help through various social media platforms like Twitter (@sarkarihelpline), Facebook(Sarkarihelplineoffcial) and Instagram(SarkariHelpline) or visit


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