Platform Introduces Micro E-learning Program for Competitive Exams Platform Introduces Micro E-learning Program for Competitive Exams

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New Delhi: India has 35 million students enrolled in higher education contributing to a small gross enrolment ratio (GER) of 26 percent. China with a larger population has a much higher GER of 51.6 percent. If we are to achieve the target of 50 percent GER by 2035 as envisaged by the new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, we have to give prominence to Micro E-learning., India’s leading platform for Competitive Exams has introduced Micro E-Learning System for preparation for RBI, NABARD, SEBI, UGC NET JRF Competitive Examinations.  Anuj Jindal, Edu-Tech Expert, Founder & CEO, Platform (AJC EdTech Pvt Ltd) informed that Micro E-learning strategy involves brief and impactful microlearning videos with thought-provoking questions at the end help learners imbibe the concept well. With Micro E-Learning, learners can consume study material on their smartphones, making the format both familiar and effective, leaving an eternal impact on the learner’s mind.

Further Anuj Jindal urged the institutions emphasized to implement the strategy for making study comprehensive for students. We are getting a 100% positive response on our Micro E-Learning Program. These are short, easily digestible learning Capsules that span between 3 to 6 minutes. These Capsules can be a part of a large repository or stand-alone and are focused on specific learning outcomes that address specific topics or skills.

In the present covid resulted Virtual Education System, the need of the hour is to take E-learning forward in a more comprehensive way.  By integrating media-rich graphics and animation into Micro E-learning strategy, we can add zest to content, perk it up and increase its impact on students. Using images, graphics, and short animations increases the engagement levels, informed Anuj Jindal.

Especially for the students above the age of 10, Micro E-Learning with Gamification is a good combination if done right, the idea is to combine microlearning, which is a short nugget, with gamification elements to increase the interest in the learners to learn the concepts and carry out the activity and remember the concept as well. Adopting this combination adds a bit of fun to the E-Learning course and increases engagement and completion rates. The focus is to not bore the students with a lot of concepts and theory but to make them perform an activity and score points. Thus, Micro E-learning is the need of the hour in Virtual Education System.

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